AML Adviser for Australian Reporting Entities


Chartered Secretary and Certified AML Specialist (CAMS)
Member of Governance Institute of Australia, ACAMS and GLEIF


AML Adviser

Anti-Money Laundering Adviser

  1. AML Officer of Reporting Entity
  2. AML Program (Part A and Part B)
  3. AML Risk Assessment
  4. AML Training
  5. AML Independent Review
  6. KYC Managed Service (s37)
  7. Remediation
  8. Registration with AUSTRAC
  9. Regular Assessments (s37B)

KYC Agent

KYC Managed Service

  • Customer identification (eKYC)
  • Customer verification  (DVS)
  • Sanctions screening   (daily)
  • PEP + RCA screening (daily)
  • Adverse Media screening  (daily)
  • Risk rating of customer (onboarding)
  • Fraud monitoring (optional)
  • Credit check  (optional)

Identity Agent

In-person Verification for Mortgagees

  • Verification of Identity (VOI)
  • Proof of Identity (POI)

LEI  Issuer

Legal Entity Identifier

Purchase LEIs for:

  • 1 year – $105
  • 3 years – $300
  • 5 years – $450

All prices in AUD (Australian dollar)

Non-Executive Roles

Monthly Retainer Roles

  • AML Officer/ AML Adviser
  • Chartered Secretary (FGIA)
  • Certified AML Specialist (CAMS)
  • Responsible Manager for AFSL
  • Non-Executive Director (NED)
  • Company Secretary
  • Compliance Committee member
  • Local Agent of foreign company
  • Resident Director of foreign company
  • Nominee Director
  • Independent Compliance Consultant
  • Compliance Advisor for startups and regtechs

Managed Funds

Compliance Manager for Funds

  • Registration of MIS with ASIC
  • Compliance Plan monitoring
  • Compliance Committee reporting
  • Compliance sign off on PDS and marketing material
  • Operational Due Diligence (ODD)
  • Compliance System (RG 132)
  • GS 007 procedures
  • Lodgement ASIC forms
  • CCIV and Asia passport fund
  • Pre-Trade Sanctions Screening of securities


Fintech Compliance is a Chartered Secretary practice offering Compliance,  AML and KYC Agent services for Australian entities regulated by ASIC, AUSTRAC, ARNECC and TPB.

We are members of the Governance Institute of Australia,  ACAMS  and GLEIF.


Our clients include:

  • AFSL and ACL licensees regulated by ASIC
  • AML Reporting Entities regulated by AUSTRAC – fund managers, trustees, lenders, stock brokers, remitters,  bullion dealers, DCE, payday lenders, startups
  • Entities requiring Verification of Identity (VOI) to comply with ARNECC eg. Mortgage Brokers, Aggregators, Mortgagees, Conveyancers
  • Entities requiring Proof of Identity (POI) to comply with ATO/ TPB eg. Tax Agents, BAS Agents, Accountants
  • Australian entities applying for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) from GLEIF for purposes of complying with ASIC CP 334
  • Startups that want to outsource their complete AML requirements including KYC
  • Pre-Trade Sanctions Screening for fund managers (ie. Portfolio Managers)
  • Crypto exchanges (DCE) based in Australia and Singapore implementing Travel Rule and wallet screening to comply with FATF VASP requirements

If you have any questions reach out to us via the form below and we will reply straight away during Sydney business hours.